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Welcome to Khalsa Yoga, the transformative world of Peter, a dedicated Kundalini Yoga teacher, energy healer, and spiritual guide. With a profound understanding of holistic healing and personal triumph over depression, anxiety, and addiction, Peter offers a unique approach to spiritual growth.

Peter’s journey revealed that challenges are gateways to self-discovery and growth. True healing, he believes, originates from within, tapping into inner wisdom and energy for lasting wellness. As a Kundalini Yoga teacher, Peter guides students through transformative practices, activating energy centers, clearing blockages, and restoring balance to mind, body, and spirit. This practice unlocks the potential for self-healing from illness and disease.

Peter’s passion for healing and commitment to service make him a beacon of hope for those battling depression, anxiety, and addiction. Empowering individuals to reclaim inner strength, cultivate self-love, and embrace authenticity, his teachings inspire transformative journeys.

Having spent a decade travelling the world in order to study and train with mystics, yoga masters and healers, he has completed courses in Kundalini Yoga, Pilates, depression and addiction training, and various energy healing modalities. Peter’s dedication, integrity, and experience with spiritual practices has shown him the power that it has with profound healing and transformation in all aspects of ones life. As a trusted guide and mentor, he offers a holistic approach nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.

Embark on your transformative journey with Peter, and discover the power within to overcome life’s challenges.


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